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The Problem

Bridging the Gap in Logistics

There is a chasm between Big Box Brokers and Asset-Based Carriers. They're both key parts of your business, but it's tough to manage so many relationships and at the same time, scale your in-house logistics team. It is nearly impossible to have your cake and eat it too.

The Solution

The Future of Managed Transportation 🚀

Designed by people who know their sh*p, our platform is the secret weapon you've been waiting for. It delivers transparent pricing and constantly evolves with input from users - that's you! Why compromise when you can conquer? With Rocket, you can bring your carriers and combine them with ours for a tech-enabled managed approach.

Mid-Market Managed Transportation

Midwest Nice meets Silicon Valley Tech

Have your Cake

By harnessing our 3rd party brokerage rates side by side with your direct tariffs on every quote, we've cooked up what we call a 'blended model'. It's not just about saving pennies and seconds - it's about shredding inefficiencies and slashing costs.Time to stop playing safe and start playing smart. Because in our world, you get to have your cake, eat it, and get your freight delivered on time, in one piece, and at a great rate.

The "Prime" Problem

In a world where Bezos set the bar, customers anticipate 2 day, hassle-free delivery. But when you are dealing with freight and LTL carriers it's a different game. We partner with numerous high-velocity e-commerce brands, enabling them to scale without overloading their customer service and logistics teams. We handle the 5 R's of Residential deliveries: Reconsignments, Returns, Redeliveries, Reclasses, and Rescues

Plug and Play

It’s time to Delete Copy and Paste culture. Don't let a tiny typo derail your shipments and hike up your costs. Simple mistakes in logistics, like a wrong zip code, can send your delivery off-track, leading to expensive rerouting or a complete re-shipment. Our TMS can connect with nearly any system: Netsuite, Quickbooks, Shopify, Acumatica, you name it and we will integrate.

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  • BOL Production made easy
  • First to Final Mile Visibility
  • Claims Management
  • Benchmarking & Forecasting
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